As I wrote about yesterday, the Eagles were in the running to acquire tight end Tony Gonzalez from the Chiefs. Sure enough today, Gonzalez was traded to the Atlanta Falcons for a second round pick in the 2010 draft. The Eagles were only offering a third round pick and were not willing to trade for a second round pick.

I am kind of happy the Eagles didn’t land Gonzalez because I didn’t want to see them give up a second round pick for him. His health is questionable and he’s not the guy that’s going to come in and contribute to the team for years and years. The Eagles have brought in plenty of prospects at the tight end position and will surely sign someone they like at some point this weekend.


The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that former Eagle Correll Buckhalter is being accused of purchasing drugs. This came about in a recent drug trial where the dealer said that he had sold drugs to Buckhalter as well as other athletes.

Buckhalter left the Eagles this season as a free agent and signed a deal with the Denver Broncos. The Eagles had kept Buck around a long time despite numerous knee injuries which limited his play time. Apparently letting him go this year was a good idea as it seems he is going to be having a lot of off field issues to address.

As previously mentioned earlier today, it was noted that LJ Smith would be signing with a new team soon. What wasn’t mentioned was that the Baltimore Ravens were one of the possible destinations and indeed the final destination.

Smith signed a one-year 1.5 million dollar deal. It is unknown what this means for Todd Heap who still remains on the Raven’s roster.

Personally, I can say that I won’t miss the guy. He had very high expectations and never lived up to them. If the Eagles end up drafting Brandon Pettigrew I hope he has a better time living up to the similar expectations he will have.

I have created a small list of NFL Mock Drafts that can be found on the side navigation. I have also created a new page that contains those links as well as a list of the Eagles picks for the 2009 draft.

If you have any suggestions or comments on the mocks or anything else, let me know.